The 2019 List: December

My total for 2019 is… (drumroll! trumpets! tah-dah!)  156… that’s some kind of record for me.

Breaking it down a little, its 111 movies and 45 television series, and if I give those series a conservative estimate of 6 episodes each (the norm is 8 or 10 episodes of course, and a few were sit-com seasons of the usual full 22 half-hour episodes) that means a low estimate of 270 individual episodes overall, although its possibly closer to 400 in reality. I’ve certainly watched a lot more television programming than movies this year.

And this is my post number 252 for this year. That’s a lot of posting-  writing by me and reading by readers like you. That’s if you’ve read most of them (and if so, thank you, and thank you even more if you’ve taken the time and trouble to write comments), but yeah its me who’s written them all. Its something of a discipline, maintaining a blog, and its dropped off a little recently due to real-world issues, and it has been a pretty rotten year really, with funerals and deaths and all sorts of stuff then can send anyone scurrying to a tv boxset or movie to escape.

Usually of course, nobody actually records how much they watch in any given year, and I’m pretty certain there’s all kinds of specials I haven’t recorded and naturally there were series I have not gotten past the first few episodes of (regards television shows I’ve only counted those which I’ve watched complete seasons of, and nor have I counted those few films I’ve started and given up on).

Its pretty sobering really. I should go get myself a normal life. Or maybe this is indeed a normal life in the 21st Century, when you think about it that’s even more of a sobering thought. Certainly its little wonder I seem to struggle finding time to read books. So anyway, that’s December done and all of 2019.

Happy New Year, everyone.

I wonder what lies ahead in 2020? There’s a certain film I’m really looking forward to…

TV Shows:

146) The Crown: Season Three

149) The Expanse: Season Four

150) Watchmen

156) War of the Worlds


147) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

148) Taste of Fear

151) Jacobs Ladder (2019)

152) Anna and the Apocalypse

153) Borg vs McEnroe

154) Harry Price: Ghost Hunter

155) Mary Queen of Scots


2 thoughts on “The 2019 List: December

    1. I’m not sure I’m ever going to manage 252 posts in a year again (with that unplanned Syd Mead post it actually reached 253), its really so much time and work, and as far as watching 156 tv seasons/films, well, I’ve an open mind. It could have been much higher but things dropped off later in the year, life gets in the way, so as far as 2020 goes, it depends on how rough and bumpy the ride gets. Its almost scary how its really outside of our control, isn’t it.

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