Anna and the Apocalypse

annaWell, its a Christmas movie -of a sort- so that means its Seasonal, but its also a Zombie movie and, well, its a Musical, which doubles the horror factor since it features a largely teenage cast with inevitable shades of stuff like Glee and distant memories of Fame… Yeah, its really something of a bizarre cross-genre mash-up that is pretty harmless and not without some charm. The songs aren’t too shabby either, and the mostly teenage cast pretty good- I suppose this has ‘future Cult-movie’ written all over it, it just needs a few years for word-of-mouth to spread.

The film is set in a Scottish High School (albeit oddly missing the heavy Scottish accents you might expect, so no subtitles needed) during preparations for an end of term Christmas talent show. There’s a really fun sequence early on when Anna wakes up and sings her way to school with her headphones on, shutting out the world as normal, therefore comically ignorant of the Zombie Apocalypse rising around her as she dances to school with zombies behind her and bloody carnage in the streets. Its a nice nod to the perception of teenagers living in a world all their own: Anna only comes to realise something odd is going on when a Zombie Snowman finally gets her attention.

There’s nods to social media and how teens are lost without their mobile phones/internet, and it manages a fine balance between songs/teen drama/zombie horror, but it spends so much effort managing that balance that it lacks the, ahem, bite that it really needs. I think it should have been rather darker, more like An American Werewolf in London, say, in order to really work. Mind, its certainly diverting enough from the usual sugary Christmas-obsessed stuff we get fed (sic) during this Holiday Season.

2 thoughts on “Anna and the Apocalypse

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  2. I finally got round to watching this last night. That’s the problem with Christmas movies: there’s only really one month a year when you can watch them properly, so if you miss your window it’s a whole year’s wait. And I miss a lot of windows.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I can see your point about it maybe being a bit darker, but, equally, I think it hit a pretty good tone — it’s already an odd genre mashup, and if the horror stuff was too dark/serious then the perky songs might be too jarring.

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