The 2019 List: November

Well, things don’t seem to be working the way they should- one would expect more viewing (and posts) in Autumn than in the Summer, if only because dark, long nights are more conducive to sitting in-front of the telly than the distractions of warm weather/long days (or whatever approximates such here in dear old Blighty). Instead though these last two months have bucked that, with November my worst month of the entire year for both watching stuff and posting about it.

Real-life crises and other seemingly endless hitches have conspired against me. Shit happens I guess. I didn’t even manage to watch my beloved Blade Runner in November, 2019- I tried a few nights ago, but at close to the mid-way point of the film a phone-call had me racing out of the house. Seems it was not to be, and a curious turn of fate that is indeed, after all those years thinking actually watching the film in November 2019 was such a no-brainer… well, you just couldn’t make this up.

Hopefully December will see an improvement, and to those of you whose blogs I should be reading/posting comments on, I promise I’ll try catch-up. All this nonsense can’t carry on for a third month, surely?

TV Shows:

138) Better Call Saul Season Two

141) Better Call Saul: Season Three


139) The King

140) Apollo 11

142) Spider Man: Far From Home

143) The Mule

144) The Lion King (2019)

145) The Irishman

3 thoughts on “The 2019 List: November

  1. Tom

    Indeed, sometimes life just gets in the way. Or is it that sometimes blogging gets in the way of life? I’m really not sure anymore. Haha!

  2. Ah, life — such a pain! I’m hoping for a quiet December with lots of film watching (so much to catch up on), but who knows what it’ll have in store. Normally it’s not one of my best months, due to all the family stuff that goes on, so I don’t hold out too much hope.

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