Blade Runner Orchestral Suite

Here’s something I’m really in two minds about; the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performing a suite of Blade Runner music live in concert, a recording coming soon on Blu-ray and Compact Disc. Its… interesting.

Like the New American Orchestra recording that came out way back in 1982, there’s something that just sounds ‘off’ with someone other than Vangelis playing these themes, although I do like the choral elements, they certainly seem to add something.Why they feel the need for a narrator to mimic the irritation of the dialogue that annoyed so much in Vangelis’ original 1994 soundtrack release just seems weird, though. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Greek maestro insisted on it just to further annoy the fans. But hey ho, Happy November, 2019….

2 thoughts on “Blade Runner Orchestral Suite

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    I used to have (well, I still do have but it’s crated up) that New American Orchestra album – I picked it up Christmas 1982. I used to listen to it a lot, though I don’t think I’ve played it for over thirty years. Maybe I took some samples from it when I got my first little sampler in 1987?

    But I picked a CD copy up off eBay recently to listen to it for sentimental reasons, and it’s SO WRONG. It’s amazing it was even acceptable back then. What an odd record.

    1. Hmm, I must confess to having a soft spot for some of it (Love Theme, Memories of Green) if only because it takes me back to those old days when it was all we had. I mentioned on a music forum awhile ago that I’d be fascinated to read about how the album was made. Vangelis didn’t ‘write’ sheet music so I imagine they had to transcript it from in the movie, unless they had access to the cassette boot that was doing the rounds, and even then they’d still be doing it from ear. It may be wrong and a poor imitation but they were on a hiding to nothing from the start- at least it always seemed they put some effort into it.

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