November, 2019

br2019Well, its here- November 2019, Blade Runner‘s unofficial birthday.

Sometime this month I’ll be watching the Ridley Scott classic again, something I’ve intended to do since way back in 1983 when I first had the film on VHS (and likely thought that format would last forever- was I ever so young and stupid?). I remember chatting to friends back then, saying wouldn’t it be great to watch the film in November 2019? Decades and several home video formats later, I’ll be watching it in glorious 4K UHD, in a Final Cut that was undreamed of way back then.

So this being the ‘Month of Blade Runner, I may drop several Blade Runner-related posts. Or maybe I won’t, I scatter-bomb this blog with enough Blade Runner references and name-checks as it is, and I guess every geek web-site will be throwing Blade Runner posts out there like so much Brexit Clickbait. I should be above all that nonsense.

Who am I kidding? This is like Christmas.

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