The 2019 List: October

A quieter month, this past October. Haven’t watched very much at all, at least regards anything ‘new’ which would add to my 2019 list (but hey, as we’re keeping count- up to #137!) Other distractions, such as reading, took some toll, as did a turn towards re-watching older stuff like The Shining and Angel Heart. A respite perhaps before the lure of all the new programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime (and yes, a few disc releases) with all-new distractions. In all honesty, its been nice to return to older material, though- time is like a prism, it always offers a new perspective, and while some films etc can suffer from it (its always a shame when old faves suddenly aren’t that great anymore) some do just get better with age. The idea that all those discs on the shelves behind me might seem better or worse simply from the passing of years is a tantalising prospect.

Is it simply the time, all those years, and the comparison to films and tv shows released during them, or really just me having changed? Older, wiser, dumber? That sounds like the title of a whole new blog.

TV shows

133) Better Call Saul Season One

134) Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Five


128) Avengement

129) The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

130) Lady Bird

131) El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

132) Godzilla: King of the Monsters

135) In The Tall Grass

136) Special Correspondents

137) 47 Metres Down

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