Another Life Saved

ther3Terrifying news has broke that Netflix has ordered a second season of the frankly abominable sci-fi series Another Life. I’m gobsmacked, frankly. I watched the whole thing and it was possibly the worst sci-fi show I have ever had the misfortune to see. It would appear, however, that Netflix perceived my sticking with the full season as a sign I want more. Yikes.

Time I start ditching shows after two episodes then and to hell with giving them the benefit of the doubt, its clearly too dangerous. Two episodes then press the nuke button, its the only way to be sure.

(As an aside, I feel rather affronted by the knowledge that Netflix don’t seem at all concerned about the quality of the show, as long as people are watching it they just don’t care about whether it is any good or not. Numbers are everything then. I shouldn’t be surprised, but Another Life was clearly such a bad show. Nothing worked, it was terrible. But it gets renewed. Mad. The world is mad.)

4 thoughts on “Another Life Saved

  1. Tom

    Hahah these posts have been very entertaining. Though I empathize completely with your not wanting to suffer through any more. You’re really spot-on about Netflix. They’re a bunch of numbers nerds who don’t give a damn about quality. A few movies I’ve seen here and there have been pretty good but they’re SO the exception and not the rule. As for TV shows, it’s really hard to get me invested in them. I’ve actually only recently picked up with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and have been having a lot of fun with that, as cheesy and formulaic as it gets from time to time. But holy hell is there a lot of content with that show. The first season is some 22 episodes long!

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    It’s because you eat he it all the way through!

    Your stats made them think ‘well, this is dreadful but someone liked it enough to watch the whole thing’.

    You reap what you sow.

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