Godzilla: King of the Monsters

godz1Monumentally silly action blockbuster. I mean really, this is just incredibly dumb and amazingly inept in execution. You can usually dismiss films like this stating ‘well, its daft but at least the visual effects are fun’ but that’s not true with this one. I think it is one of those films that simply has so much effects work (and likely done in so short a time) that the quality goes down the plughole. I’m sure they make these things with the best of intentions (other than the usual one, which is to make loads of money) but this is really a bit of a train wreck.

Which is a shame and rather a let-down, because I really enjoyed Kong: Skull Island, thinking it was quite a lot of fun and with some decent, and quite effective, effects sequences that had some thought invested in them. Godzilla: King of the Monsters has so much going on all the time it obviously just got out of control and regards the effects, its clear that quite a few got through to the editing suite before they were really polished/finished. This thing really wasn’t ready for its release date and needed more time.

Not that the surprisingly shoddy effects work is the only problem. The script, such as it is, is really all over the place with, in particular, some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard in a film in  years. Its really awful- the kind of ‘witty’ one-liners that are clearly designed to be featured in the trailers as soundbites. Or its lines written just to try explain whats going on and why- something that really has become a pet hate of mine. The script is obviously not finished or written well enough to explain the film through its plot so has to stitch sequences together with dialogue. Woefully inept film-making- my rule is: show me, don’t tell me.

In any case, the substantial budget is reflected in the fairly high-calibre acting talent that is paid to speak the awful dialogue as sincerely as their pay-cheques can muster, but its like getting Pacino or De Niro to play in a High School drama written by a thirteen year old. Its such a waste. The characters are underwritten to the point of nothing being there at all, you don’t care about anybody in any scene, so there is nothing reinforcing any of those shoddy silly monster effects. As for all the hardware on show, and the destruction in which tens of thousands of innocents are just killed off  without a mention or anything, its all just reduced to the level of a video game. There’s no context, no drama.

Is there a good film in here? To be honest, I have to wonder if there is even a film in here. Maybe it works as a long trailer for an Xbox game, but that’s about it.

7 thoughts on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Went to see this on the strength of the trailer and the residual goodwill from Kong.

    Paid eye-watering prices for Laser IMAX tickets. Very much wished we hadn’t.

    Highlight was the ariel chase, which was quite thrilling.

    But it was very odd to see how being in a bad, bad movie like this made Kyle Chandler look old. Remember when 50-something movie stars appeared in expensively bad movies in the 1970s? Remember how old and tired they looked? Well, the generally very watchable and engaging Chandler was made to look as tired and flabby as that just by appearing in this very tired flabby film. Very odd.

    1. God that trailer with Clair de Lune playing over it. Hell of a job by the marketing boys because that was absolutely terrific. Its like it was the trailer for a completely different movie. By the midpoint of the film, by which time it was clear I was watching a total dud, I became interested in looking out for that trailer footage (actually I shall have to watch that trailer having seen the film and do it the other way around, try and figure how they had transformed the footage into something else).

      If there was an Oscar for trailers, Godzilla: King of the Monsters would be a dead cert nominee. Phenomenal.

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    1. Having been suckered into buying the 4K disc, its a film I really need to revisit, if only because it would cushion the ‘waste’ of all that money and watching it only once. Maybe lower expectations will help second time around. After Kong: Skull Island I really thought this might be a great franchise of huge ‘monster’ movies done right, but this film makes me doubt that, and rumours of all the problems with the Godzilla vs Kong movie seems to just reinforce it.

      1. I would watch Godzilla vs Kong just because it’s got Godzilla, but I will not have high expectations for it like I did with King of the Monsters.

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