Watch This

watchAh dammit looks like they got me again. I know the reviews for the American release a year or more ago were mixed, but 4K Watchmen… I don’t know how many times I have this film (in its various incarnations) on disc already, it must be heading towards Blade Runner levels of indulgence/stupidity. This disc is out in just a month or so, too (no doubt on the back of HBOs new spin-off series) so not only a surprise but an imminent one too.  Mind, that Ugliest Cover Art Ever nominee really isn’t helping.

Funny thing is, I was only musing this morning about how nostalgia can be a really negative thing, a trap that for film fans in particular keeps us going back to old films, old favourites (I’d watched the 4K disc of Angel Heart the night before which was probably why such thoughts were on my mind) over and over, as if trying to recapture the original thrill/experience, or the old times we originally saw the films. So several hours later I see this come up for pre-order, completely out of the blue. It looks like my musings have been answered: Nostalgia is a virus.

Maybe ugly cover art is the cure.

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