An Unnecessary Cut

br4k2Hey, I’m offering no new insights here, but there’s another release of Blade Runner coming up and I just…  Well, there’s no-one a bigger fan of this film than I, but I’m just fine with my 4K Blu-ray of Blade Runner. I imagine most every fan, like me, who has got a 4K set-up has already bought the standard 4K disc of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, to accompany our Blu-rays and HD-DVDs (remember them?) and DVDs. But that won’t stop some from buying this upcoming re-release in glossier packaging.

But I mean, come on, double-dipping in 4K already? That’s just nuts.This is some kind of steelbook packaging the standard 4K disc with some other swag (I’ve heard a pin badge and two drinks coasters, and that’s not the discs, although they might as well be coasters for anyone double-dipping with this) to part fans with another £30. All’s fair in business I guess.

They call it a Titans of Cult steelbook, and I think its the first of a series of such specially designed and marketed steelbook releases. I suppose a re-release of BR2049 in a Titans of Cult steelbook edition is inevitable at some point next year. I don’t really understand people buying films again and again in fancy new packaging like steelbooks. Some films have had multiple steelbooks even (there’s a special circle of Hell for those that keep on releasing those damn things). Whatever makes people happy I guess. I suppose some folks are really passionate about this stuff, or maybe really passionate about certain movies and have to have every edition going.

Me, I feel guilty enough  re-buying films even when they have new extras. Buying the exact same discs in a new shiny box? Nah. Don’t get it. Even in the case of Blade Runner. And believe me, I’m passionate about this film, but everything has its limit.

4 thoughts on “An Unnecessary Cut

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Did you buy the 2049 steel book?
    I don’t usually go for them, but in this case I did as it was the only place to get 4K, BR and BR3D in one hit.

    1. No I didn’t get that one, I had the 4K set with those faux BR glasses. I don’t think I’ll ever have a 3D set-up so that disc seemed pointless, but I’ll always be curious how the 3D conversion worked for the film. It did seem weird- 3D always seems better suited to big action extravaganzas than slow thoughtful flicks but I suppose it could be effective if used in a subtle way.

      I’m waiting for an eventual special edition of BR2049 with proper extras and commentary tracks. I hate double/triple-dipping but I’d be all over that in a heartbeat. Hopefully it’l come someday.

      1. Matthew McKinnon

        The 3D worked really really well.
        I saw it in 3D Laser IMAX which irons out all the problems associated with standard 3D, so it was optimal viewing.

        It made the huge sets and cityscapes come to life, but best of all was the subtle depth it added to a lot of the macro close-ups: you could see the textures of objects delineated more clearly as tiny little details sat closer to, or further away from the screen.

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