A Nostromo Restoration

While I’m (still) reading J.W. Rinzler’s excellent The Making of Alien, and to try to excuse the fact that I haven’t had time to write any new reviews (haven’t even had time to watch anything since Saturday), I thought I’d post this link to a great old YouTube video that may have passed by some readers here. Have you caught yourself looking at your reflection in the mirror thinking you look old? Relax- it ain’t nothing like how bad the poor Nostromo looked like a decade ago. This video was posted by The Prop Store, who had acquired the original Nostromo miniature from Alien and commissioned Grant McCune Design’s modellers to try restore it to something like its original glory.

Its surprising just how basic the miniature was- definitely a product of its time and the Old School sensibilities of the British effects technicians working on the film. The miniature looks great in the film so you could argue its all it needed to be, but its nothing like the beautiful Enterprise miniature that was built and shot for Star Trek: The Motion Picture at around the same time- mind, it likely cost nothing like as much as the Enterprise did.

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