The 2019 List: September

Three television series and ten films later, September closes with my 2019 total now hitting 127. And what do you know, another month, another season of The Big Bang Theory. I’m getting too predictable- maybe I should shake things up and finally start watching Friends (only kidding).

Worse thing I watched this month is a close call between Peterloo and The Snowman (I’m still pretending I didn’t see that Between Two Ferns thing), but I think The Snowman takes this particular booby-prize simply because it felt so broken and wasted so much talent. It should have been so much better.

Best thing I watched this month? Well, I’m really quite torn. I think I’ll go for Ad Astra with a nod to Stan & Ollie, but Ad Astra really is a flawed movie itself, so I do so with some reluctance really, if only because I love those space movies and they are so rare these days. Especially the ones that correctly maintain there are no sound effects in the void of space; its a creative decision that should always be applauded, so that’s why Ad Astra sneaks it. Which is a patently ridiculous argument.

TV Shows

116) True Detective Season Three

120) The Big Bang Theory Season Six

122) Carnival Row


115) Peterloo

117) The Vanishing

118) Stan & Ollie

119) Green Book

121) Shanghai Fortress

123) The Snowman

124) Ad Astra

125) Between Two Ferns: The Movie

126) Hotel Mumbai

127) In the Shadow of the Moon

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