Between Two Ferns: The Movie

bet1What? I didn’t. Please tell me I didn’t watch this. Its a bad dream, surely.

Sometimes, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. And I’m clearly the worst person to have watched (and then moved to review) this show, because I’m totally unfamiliar with Zach Galifianakis’ long-running “Funny or Die” web series, whatever it is. So shoot me, I’ve been living under a rock or something. I gather its some kind of irreverent comedy series posing as a chat show in which celebs get sent-up or something, a comedy insult-trap thing. Anyway, somebody decided that they should make it into a movie. And Netflix of course is just there for the taking these days, hey, easy money. Maybe they should have written a movie about entertaiment peeps taking a media giant for a ride, and hey, gotten that same media giant to finance it; it’d be some kind of meta-joke.

So Will Farrell. Somebody out there thinks he’s funny, and he’s undoubtably one of the two of them, but I digress. I don’t get it. Watching paint dry or waiting for a kettle to boil is funnier than him. He features in this movie… well, I say ‘movie’ but thats a fairly loose use of the term. Its not like how they titled Superman: The Movie a movie because that was a movie and this really isn’t, but anyway, I digress again. Back to Will Farrell, if I must. He plays an internet media channel magnate or something, always after extra clicks like some demented blogger or YouTube savant. So one of his ‘stars’ is Zach Galifianakis whose Between The Ferns talk show is popular for unintentional reasons- Galifianakis is a totally inept host who insults his guests with truly inane questions and who is frequently undermined by his lack of research (often unable to pronounce guests names). After a disastrous interview in which Matthew McConaughey is nearly drowned when the studio is flooded, Farrell puts Galifianakis on the road looking for celebs, tasked to create ten futher episodes whilst the studio is repaired- his reward being a ‘proper’ late-night talk show for a bonafide network (Galifianakis’ dream).

So there’s a few jokes worth a titter, and loads of celebs in for the ride- Keanu Reeves, Benedict Cumberwatch, Brie Larson, Peter Dinklage, Jon Hamm and a load of others who I honestly didn’t know. Maybe thats why this film isn’t for me, I’m too far south of the cultural zeitgeist. The best bits are clearly the interview clips which are what the original web series are all about, but a lot of even that fell short for me. It was a little sour seeing that the celebs are clearly in on the joke now.

Celebs love to send themselves them up. It promotes the myth that they are self-effacing normal joes and makes them feel better about jumping into their private jets and screwing up the environment. And I don’t like talk shows anyway. They are just media junkets with carefully sanctioned questions and adulatory gushing (“You have a new movie out. I loved it, I think its great. Tell me a story you are so funny”), just perpretuating the celebrity nonsense that is the Western worlds new religon.

Hey, really, I’m the last person who should be reviewing this ‘movie’, let alone watching it. But I did, so here we are. Anyway, I’ll stop now. Lets agree to forget that I ever watched this, and forget that I posted this review, and that you read it. I’m sure we’ll all feel much better.

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