Blade Runner Widescreen VHS

Yeah, VHS. Blade Runner‘s never looked the same since. VHS knew things about grain that 4K UHD can only dream of, and the way it combined that SD grainy fuzziness with blooming reds and blues that practically flashed back at you like a strobe gun going off in your face? Wow. And you’ve never watched a film in Widescreen until you’ve seen it in non-Anamorphic 2.35:1 on a 4.3 CRT television. And you’ve never heard it unless you’ve had a mono tv set with a small tinny speaker on the right of the screen. For a film like Blade Runner and its retro future, that was almost perfect. Those were the days.

To add further spookiness to this post, I’ve still got the original receipt in the box, hiding underneath the videocassette- I bought this copy from WH Smith on the 7th July 1993. Thats over a quarter of a century and God only knows how many physical formats ago.

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