Final Score

final1Dave Bautista (yeah, it’s been a long road, but BR2049 brought me here, again) is a blatant Die Hard knock-off set in a football stadium, the kind of killer premise that takes twenty-three (yes, twenty-three, because I counted ’em) producers to bring to the screen. Now, I love Die Hard, it’s a great film, but how long is this going to run, this endless parade of rip-off films in what has pretty much become a genre all of its own? The ‘Die Hard in a xxxxx’ action genre… its enough to turn me against a beloved classic, and that’s just plain wrong.

Who am I kidding? Knowing how Hollywood and moviemakers worldwide love to imitate success in the pursuit of money, this is going to just go on forever.

I think Final Score gets by somewhat because Bautista is pretty worthwhile in most everything he’s in, but he has to be careful- the goodwill earned by his decent acting chops demonstrated in stuff like BR2049 (and hey, hopefully Dune next year) will be for nothing if he keeps slumming in dumb b-movie action stuff like this. Final Score manages a few points for being set over here in the UK with our cops/national game and the weird perversity of it all, and it’s oddly fine supporting cast of Ray Stevenson and Pierce Brosnan. Just barely anyway.

There’s certainly a fine drinking game here, taking a shot everytime it rips off a moment/plotpoint from Die Hard. I wasn’t keeping count, but its a number somewhere north of that number of producers I think. Not a game I could ever play anyway, I suspect I’d be under the table (or on my way to ER) before the closing credits.


3 thoughts on “Final Score

  1. Considering they made two “Die Hard in the White House” movies in the same year, and then Skyscraper did “Die Hard in a… building”, neither of which killed off the subgenre, I guess it’s never going anywhere.

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