Back to the Moon 4: One small step for 4K…

apollo11This came out of the blue (in more ways than one)- I’d gotten the blu-ray pre ordered as the limited cinema engagement of this doc didn’t reach me here, and I had  jealously read reviews/comments from our American cousins of how good both the film looked theatrically and on region-locked blu-ray (it’s already out over there), and then -boom-  there’s this announced earlier this afternoon. Dogwoof, an independent distributor over here, has the rights to this and have deemed it worthy of a 4K UHD release; currently the first such edition in the world. Hope they know what they are doing with HDR etc. Most likely they will source a 4K master from someone that will get released elsewhere too (I have read horror stories of supposed 4K UHD discs that are just upscales and have no HDR metadata encoded at all). If this really does measure up to what it could/should be, then the delay till November etc will be more than worth it. And this will be a fantastic treat some dark wintry November night on my OLED.

I imagine there will be many of our American cousins waking up to this news later rather perplexed and contemplating a double-dip already. Its a crazy world sometimes with some of these releases. This is like the bad old days of early DVD, only in reverse- it used to be us over here getting shafted by staggered distribution and inferior releases.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Moon 4: One small step for 4K…

  1. Surprised but thrilled to hear about this — I believe a lot of it (all of it?) is sourced from 70mm, and I’d already read reviews of the US Blu expressing disappointment at the lack of a 4K release. So for us to get one, especially from a small distributor, is a nice turn-up.

    1. The idea of that lovely sharp image in 4K with the Earth and moon luminous with HDR just has me both salivating and terrified of it getting messed up. MInd, with the standard blu-ray included if its a bit of a mess at least the non-HDR boosted blu should be fine, per the reviews from Stateside.

      (I’m looking forward to the forums lighting up when they see we have a 4K coming. Even if they get a 4K announced for themselves this Fall, they will be rightly annoyed at having to double dip. I wonder if the distributors on both sides of the pond underestimated the popularity/impact of the film and demand for a 4K release?)

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