Angel Heart 4K

angel4kOh this shall be mine- pre-ordered this one for October 14th release. I first saw Angel Heart back on a VHS rental (so probably in 1988) and I loved it- one of those rare films that suckered me with its ‘twist’ and whose mood just lingered in my psyche for days/weeks/months. The restoration work the film has received sounds pretty impressive, it’s certainly a welcome surprise that a film like this received such attention and it will hopefully look better than it ever has. Maybe there is yet hope that Jacob’s Ladder might get such attention, you never know.

Funnily enough, I downloaded a pdf of Angel Heart‘s screenplay only the other day. I’ll probably have to refrain from reading it now as I’d prefer to come to the film fresh, as its been several years since I last saw it (actually possibly longer than that, as it may have been on DVD). Its always a funny thing revisiting films you like after several years, because they are never quite the same film you remember (and we certainly aren’t the same person watching it) , so yeah, curious to see what it will be like. Some films seem worse, but some actually seem better. We’ll see in a few months- this looks like the one of the (few) release highlights for October, which is looking like a pretty barren month this year for releases. More time to catch up on old/unwatched discs etc then.

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