The 2019 List: July

Wow. I came this close. I came this close to reaching 100 by the end of July. No mean feat, especially considering that this month includes five television series, entailing over fifty episodes (albeit the majority were for a sitcom show of about 20 mins apiece). Curiously, the best and worst viewing of the month are in that television section: worst of the month was Star Trek: Discovery (alas for STD, I haven’t yet finished Another Life, which frankly would be the worst of any month) and the best was Chernobyl, which I only finished yesterday and haven’t had time to review it yet.

So anyway, it was a bit of a strange month, adding 15 titles to the 2019 total was unexpected, considering this was a Wimbledon month which monopolised the television for the best part of two weeks. I really thought this monthly review would be a pretty threadbare post, but there’s an awful lot here. I really enjoyed the Quatermass show, which dates way back to 1958 and was really refreshing in being something full of ideas and hidden depths rather than eye-candy, and I’m absolutely loving the lazy ease of watching The Big Bang Theory, which is such an undemanding watch it’s almost addictive.

The films I watched this month are what proved most disappointing. I’ve had a bit of a run of Dwayne Johnson films, and it’s been all downhill from the (surprisingly good) Jumanji film he starred in, but Rampage was really pretty bad. I think the best film of the month was In Bruges, with honorable mention going to A Star is Born.

Which is ignoring rewatch stuff- as both Prisoner of Second Avenue and Field of Dreams, both old faves recently restored, are better than anything else I watched this month, period. I continue to find myself resisting just ignoring ‘new’ stuff and going back to old stuff I’ve seen before- maybe that’ll happen one day (it somes invitable, at some point) and this blog will just be some old dude waxing lyrical about old movies and tv shows.

 TV Shows

85) Quatermass and the Pit (1958-59)

87) The Big Bang Theory Season One

89) Star Trek: Discovery Season Two

94) The Big Bang Theory Season Two

98) Chernobyl


84) Rampage

86) In Bruges

88) Captain Marvel

90) Armstrong (Doc.)

91) A Star is Born (2018)

92) Kingsman: The Golden Circle

93) For the Love of Spock (Doc.)

95) The Dark Tower

96) Bushwick

97) Unsane

2 thoughts on “The 2019 List: July

    1. Oh, I certainly doubt it. My sanity can’t survive the shredding it gets from watching so much rubbish. I need to turn up the Quality Dial on my Shite Radar and watch less, but watch better. Still, this is definitely my best year by some margin, and my only explanation is the streaming channels that make so much material (sort-of) free.

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