The Big Bang Theory Season One

big1Okay, so I am phenomenally late to the party with this one. A friend at work (who is not even there anymore) hounded me for years to watch this show (I really must text him to admit I’ve finally succumbed). So I finally got around to it, as its twenty-minute bites were easier to fit in around the tennis marathon of Wimbledon than things like movies or full episodic drama.

So I’ve seen season one and still know nothing about what happens next (there’s something wrong when you’re watching a sitcom and trying to avoid spoilers, it’s madness and I feel stupid). Real Life mocks me with the terrifying knowledge that there’s another ten seasons of whatever happens next. 262 more episodes, to be exact, according to a wiki I just dared look at. Oh dear.

We’ll see how future seasons progress before the inevitable decline in quality occurs, see how far I get before I give up on it. But I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Its even pretty funny, and I like the geekdom/genre references (most fly over Claire’s head, but I guess she’s got more of a life than I), it’s like there’s another level going on that was written just for me. I guess that’s a lot of the shows appeal. And the science is certainly more convincing than what passes for science in Star Trek: Discovery.

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