Jacobs Ladder Sequel?

Well it’s been threatened over the years, but it looks like it’s finally coming- the trailer has landed for the Jacob’s Ladder remake/reboot/reimagining or whatever they are calling it. This is so wrong on so many levels it just, well, leaves me pretty speechless. I could understand if they had gone back to the original script and made the film that they couldn’t make back in 1990, maybe, but instead… well, going by the trailer I’m not sure what they’ve done. It looks pretty horrible, and I’m sitting here not quite believing they even had the nerve to go there….


2 thoughts on “Jacobs Ladder Sequel?

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Well, that looks crap.

    Still, pointless remakes have always been with us. No reason to stop now, eh?

    I never got to like Jacob’s Ladder. It was the first film I saw when I moved to London as a student, so it has sentimental value (in 1991, after living in the North for my whole teens, suddenly I was in a place where you could see all those new and exciting films that you heard about week after week; AND there were cinemas showing daily double and triple-bills of old movies too. Bliss).

    But while I can see how it works on paper, it never clicked for me despite repeat viewings.

    1. Hmm, I always liked the film myself. While not perfect, it has some weird kind of darkness, similar to Angel Heart, that I find fascinating, and Tim Robbins performance is pretty terrific. I’d love to see a really good Blu-ray or 4K edition, and with news of Angel Heart hitting 4K disc soon (in Germany), maybe there is hope for Jacobs Ladder to get similar treatment.

      And yeah remakes are with us forever, and so is me moaning about it, LOL.

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