Back to the Moon 3: 2024 reality check

Well it was nice while the positivity lasted, but reading some more into the Orion/Lunar Gateway/Artemis situation, it’s clear that things are murkier than I’d hoped regards possibly returning to the moon in 2024, as this article indicates. I can’t say I was surprised, the manned space program since the days of Apollo has always been dictated to by the political establishment, its inevitable considering the funds involved but nonetheless as a keen enthusiast in stretching frontiers and exploration (hell, I was a Star Trek Original Series kid, it’s in our blood) I was pretty excited by the possibilities. You’d think I’d learn to curb my enthusiasm a little.

13 logoSo anyway, I’ve been spending my last several days listening to a great Apollo-related podcast, 13 Minutes to the Moon, which is really worth investigating if you are interested in Apollo and the upcoming anniversary. Its very similar to HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon series in approach, but there’s something nice and intimate at just listening to something, attentively considering what interviewees are telling us, it’s a different experience to just watching a documentary on television. Episode 8 has just been made available, so that’s what I’ll be listening to tomorrow.

The series has certainly been giving me the benefit of perspective each morning on the commute, before I suffer the pull of inevitability and return to my desk job, and conversations about the Women’s World Cup, the Cricket World Cup, or Wimbledon, or the Conservative leadership contest and Brexit. I tell you, it’s a warzone out there. Life wasn’t any simpler in the 1960s (1968 was proof of that, with two great similarly-focused episodes in both 13 Minutes to the Moon and From the Earth to the Moon will testify) but to a kid watching Star Trek back when Apollo was being put out to pasture, it seemed much simpler, and humanity sure seemed to just dream a little harder. The world just seems so strange now.

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