Empire Jazz

rempire jazzI used to have this album. Back when The Empire Strikes Back came out, thanks to the huge success of the Star Wars OST and associated releases (cover versions, Meco’s album etc) the label that had the music rights for Empire, RSO, went all-out on Empire-related vinyl. We had the soundtrack as a single album, a double-album with gatefold/booklet, a story-of album, Meco’s ‘inspired by’ album, a disco album by Boris Midney, and this, a jazz album from Ron Carter. A laid-back Jazz rendition of the Imperial March had to be heard to be believed. I hated it at the time (I was, what, 14, a sucker for anything Star Wars and the cover was strangely cool, but every kid has his limits) and changed it for something else, which at the time made perfect sense but something I regretted has years have gone by. Not that I expect I would ever have really fallen for the music, but as a piece of nostalgia, sure, I wish I still had it with my other Empire albums. Its one that never saw a CD release, or even a digital release, so it’s pretty rare. You can hear it on Youtube, naturally, and it still sounds pretty odd (jazz is an acquired taste certainly and Yoda Jazz even more so), and it was years before Twin Peaks made this kind of stuff cool to us dumb geeks.

So anyway, here’s a link I found to a Youtube video of the entire album. Just imagine my 14 year-old-self hearing this for the first time back in 1980. No wonder I freaked….


2 thoughts on “Empire Jazz

    1. Oh it was about a week within getting it- it was a lot of pocket money wasted to my young self so I took it back and exchanged it – I think for the Alien OST if I recall correctly, which was easier listening (in a fashion) but of course would be later re-purchased on CD (twice), whereas the Empire Jazz album would disappear, so the irony isn’t lost on me. But I was, what 14, so it’s understandable, and in hindsight I have to wonder what a 14 year old kid expected from an Empire Jazz album (did I even know what Jazz was?). The Boris Midney disco Empire disc is strange enough; in some ways it’s a little odd how RSO greenlit all those little musical diversions around John Willam’s original OST album, but it was a different world back then, and more adventurous times in the music industry. And that Star Wars album and all those cover versions made a tidy sum in the years prior…

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