Best Batman Movie Ever

Aha, clickbait infects ghostof82. Well, maybe not. All will be revealed with my review of the just-arrived Batman 4K UHD, sometime soon. I haven’t seen Tim Burton’s comic-book hit from 1989 for, oh, well over ten years. Might actually have been on DVD, last time I watched this, so I’m pretty curious how well this holds up.

Mind, that is fairly hideous box art, giving the 4K UHD of Alien a run for its money. What were the Warner artists thinking, or was it farmed out to some art design studio that frankly didn’t give a shit?

One thought on “Best Batman Movie Ever

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    You made me think a bit there – I don’t think I’ve seen this since the early 90s. I had an ex-rental VHS of it, but gave up after that. I haven’t even watched it on TV or anything.

    I just can’t abide this movie. It’s like the Suspiria 2018 of superhero movies (I know I’m exaggerating). All the eccentricities that seem very interesting on paper are dull as ditchwater on film. I was so disappointed when I went to see it in 89: actually bored.

    Interested to know how it looks on 4K though.

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