The 2019 List: May

So here’s May- and there’s a marked lean away this month from television shows towards movies. Indeed, the only show I watched this month was season eight of Game of Thrones, but with all the attention that television event received you could be forgiven for thinking that was the only show on television this month. But away from that, sixteen movies- some kind of record for me I think, and indeed bringing my total of shows/movies so far this year to 72 now, which is remarkable really. Best film of the month was John Wick Ch.3, and the worst, well, I think Suspiria edged The Wandering Earth, if only because while both were pretty dire, at least the latter had a bit of a fun element picking out the cheesy nods/homages/direct steals from other films.

Tv Shows

69) Game of Thrones Season Eight


56) Suspiria

57) Widows

58) The Wandering Earth

59) Adrift

60) Halloween 2018

61) The Terror of the Tongs

62) Creed II

63) Avengers Endgame

64) Isle of Dogs

65) Get Out

66) John Wick Ch.3: Parabellum

67) Can’t Stand Losing You

68) Rocky Balboa

70) See You Yesterday

71) The Girl in the Spider’s Web

72) Rim of the World

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