The 2019 List: March

Well, another month already.

TV Shows

30) The Umbrella Academy

34) Stranger Things Season One

35) Love, Death & Robots

40) Brooklyn 99 Season Five


31) Free Solo

32) Bohemian Rhapsody

33) The Predator (2018)

36) Voice From the Stone

37) Await Further Instructions

38) Triple Frontier

39) Mirage

41) Wheelman

42) Paddleton

It occurs to me that in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to life, the universe and everything is the number 42. Which just happens to be the number I’ve reached with Paddleton. So anyway, whatever that means. So 42. In three months. That’s some kind of record for me, I think. And of course that doesn’t include re-watches, which this month includes Game of Thrones Season Six (which I didn’t post about) and stuff like The Big Lebowski (which I did). I also re-watched Arrival the other night, on 4K UHD this time around, which I really should write about because it remains a wonderful film and one of my very favourites of the last decade. Its always nice to step back from new stuff to relax with old favourites. A bit like what the guys do in Paddleton. Maybe that’s the answer to life, the universe and everything, at least for movie lovers- just rewatch your favourite films.

5 thoughts on “The 2019 List: March

  1. I really enjoyed it but somehow haven’t gotten my thoughts together to write a review. Maybe I’ll wait until I’ve seen season two (next week probably) and review both together.

    Not surprisingly, I really enjoyed the 1980s vibe and thought it took a few neat twists and turns (I can certainly see how it became such a geek fave). I was bugged a little by how much of it seemed a geeks wish fulfillment (it really looked how so many WISH they had lived the 1980s, rather than the reality of it) but once I got that out my system I went along with it and enjoyed it. Winona was pretty amazing.

    1. I think that “geek wish fulfilment” is definitely part of why it’s so popular (at least with certain demographics). It’s a rose-tinted, nostalgia-focused view of the time and its pop culture. Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely a choice — the whole production is like a concentrated distillation of ‘80s geek culture.

      1. Its funny how that ’80s geek culture is such a thing now, how that whole decade is such a ripe period for nostalgia. Films were better, music was better…. considering it gave us Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, you could even argue that comics were better. Sort of depressing, really. So many remakes and reboots are focussed on properties from that period, We do need something ‘new’, but I’m not sure where that’s even going to come from in the current climate.

      2. I remember when I was growing up there seemed to be a revival of ’60s culture, and then it moved on to the ’70s, but the ’80s was always “uncool” as far as I was aware — I guess because it was the ’90s, so it had just been moved on from — and it seemed like it’d never get a revival. But, no, here we are. So I guess at some point we’ll have to suffer the same from the ’90s, too. Though at some point surely it’s just going to go round in circles…

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