On this day…

…a year ago, I wrote a post about the Hammer film Never Take Sweets from a Stranger, a surprisingly effective and at times quite harrowing thriller that really impressed me. Which reminds me, its really past time Indicator revealed the contents of their next Hammer set (which makes me wonder if it’s still happening?).

…five years ago, I wrote a post about the original (and best) 12 Angry Men, which I’d just rewatched on a new Blu-ray edition. Haven’t seen it since- horrors! Its scary how even the great films go on the shelf and just sit there.

…six years ago, I was writing about La La Land’s expanded release of John William’s The Fury soundtrack. Which is curious if only because here we are all these years later and I’m expecting their new 3-disc edition of his Superman: The Movie soundtrack to arrive this month. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Hey, it’s just occurred to me that this blog has been going on something like way too long.  When I started it, back in 2012 (and also the old Film Journal blog I did a few years before it),  it was really intended to be, literally a diary of films etc that I watched, something I could use like a diary, a record of my viewing habits and opinions over the years. Which I guess it still is. But it’s a little scary really looking back on old entries like this (there’s nothing like seeing a post about a film praising it years ago only to wonder what the hell I was thinking, looking back years later). Oh well. Happy 4th March- as this post possibly proves, everyday is the anniversary of something.

2 thoughts on “On this day…

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Hmmm. Quite tempted to pick up that Fury 2CD now. I just ordered the Jaws 2 one – not that familiar with the film, but the score’s said to be excellent. Did you get that one? Any thoughts?

    1. Jaws 2 is a lousy movie but the score is great. I think I only ever saw the movie once and can hardly remember it at all so listening to the score is a little like imagining a really great Jaws sequel in my head (compared to what we actually got). The main title is dominated by harp and sounds really quite creepy, and when the Orca theme from the first film rises it’s hard not to swoon- it’s simply gorgeous. Of course we get the dum-dum-dum -dum shark theme too. Its vintage Williams, I’m sure you’ll love it, he was at his peak back then. It just deserves a better movie!

      One thing that bugs me about the Jaws 2 score- it shows just how good the Superman II score could have been if Williams have stayed around to do it himself. Superman: The Movie is such a fantastic, classic score, it’s a crime that the sequel core was so poorly/cheaply executed.

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