The 2019 List: February

Another month, another summary-

TV Shows

17) The Crown Season Two

18)  Nightflyers Season One

20) Two Doors Down Season Four

21) The Expanse Season Three

25) Les Miserables

28) Inside No.9 Season One


15) Dumplin’ (2018)

16) Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

19) Assassins Creed (2017)

22) Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

23) Sully (2016)

24) Hereditary (2018)

26) Upgrade (2018)

27) The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

29) I Think We’re Alone Now (2018)

Wowza. Thats me up to 29 already by the end of February. Must be some kind of record (for me, but I’m not going to check so savour the suspense). TV show of the month was the frankly amazing season three of The Expanse (which I haven’t yet reviewed because it’s embarrassing gushing all that praise on a show so few seem to be watching, but I may get around to it). Film of the month is a tricky one, none of them really grabbed me. I think I’ll be controversial and go with Alita, if only to highlight how meh most of the others were, (while I did enjoy Sully, it was fairly pedestrian I suppose). I think a film that even in 2019 feels the need to evoke Blade Runner‘s future city so much, well, it’s almost poetic in this year of all years, isn’t it, so yeah, let’s go with Alita (I’m going to hate myself at years end, but yet another Blade Runner reference forgives anything).

As for the worst thing I’ve seen this month, well, someone dig a big deep hole for Nightflyers please, and let’s all hope we don’t see a season two.


2 thoughts on “The 2019 List: February

    1. Hmm, is that my ratio of tv/movie viewing that worries you or your own? For my part, yeah, there’s a shift going on but it’s a sign of the times I think, and it’s hard fighting the trend.

      To be fair, 99% of TV stuff is crap, either mediocre drama or reality garbage or gameshows. So I don’t think it’s simply a case of ‘TV is better than movies’, but I do think there’s an argument that there is more very good television than very good movies. Or perhaps more tellingly, that television stuff is easier to access than the movie stuff, lost as it is behind cinema paywalls or disc availability (I would love Days of Heaven on Blu-ray but don’t have a region-free player, and couldn’t afford to watch everything at the cinema I would possibly like to, or buy all the discs I’d like to). Besides, there is some very good television (The Crown, The Expanse, to name two recent, but you could go as far back as Band of Brothers or From the Earth to the Moon or The Wire or Mad Men etc) that is the equal of, or better than, the best cinema can offer.

      I have certainly noticed that I am watching more television material than I used to, reflected obviously on this blog. I’m not really concerned about it, I’m just trying to be discerning regards what I watch but even then I probably watch as many lousy series as i do lousy movies. Its just that those very good series really give movies a run for their money, the extra running time and often better scripts etc balancing out what may be deficiencies in budget (but even then the disparity is difficult to judge sometimes). I think times are certainly changing, and I am more likely to get excited over a tv series as I am a new movie. I must admit I’d be ecstatic if Netflix or HBO announced a Blade Runner spin-off, for instance, which is something I would not have countenanced a few years ago. But then again, I am hugely looking forward to Villeneuves’ Dune.

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