1995 and a Waterworld mystery

waterworldA friend at work lent me a copy of Arrow’s recent release of Waterworld on Blu-ray, as I’d confessed to never having seen the film before, odd as that may sound, but, you know, some films slip us by. Well, back home Claire told me we had indeed seen it before, but I insisted I hadn’t. I mean, I honestly could not remember any of it, other than maybe the odd scene that I stumbled upon when it was aired on tv over the years (for awhile, it seemed to aired all the time on various cable stations etc, and even then I never sat down to watch it).

So Claire went off to find proof- and returned with her diary from 1995, which indeed confirmed that we had indeed seen it, at a Showcase Cinema on August 22nd, 1995. Which I honestly cannot remember, at all. Can a film be that bad, that forgettable, that it just fades entirely from memory? It still baffled me, as I could not remember it at all- indeed, it felt all a little bit scary. Is this how it begins, losing your mind?

Strangest of all, Claire had a list in the back of her diary of all the films we had seen that year at the cinema- 34 of them. Yeah, that’s right, 34 of them. I don’t think I see that many films at the cinema in a decade now. My only excuse, we were courting back then, before we got married and settled down to domesticity and the joys of home cinema. But 34 films? Crikey. While my eyes water at the state my wallet must have been in back then, here’s the list, just for curiosity sake: When  A Man Loves A Woman, Timecop, Stargate, Nostradamus, Shallow Grave, Natural Born Killers, Interview With The Vampire, Leon, The Shawshank Redemption, Little Women, 101 Dalmatians, Nobody’s Fool, Outbeak, Legends of the Fall, Apollo 13, In the Mouth of Madness, Don Juan de Marco, Judge Dredd, Braveheart, Waterworld, First Knight, Congo, Batman Forever, Species, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Delores Claiborne, While You Were Sleeping, Pocahontas, Mortal Kombat, Haunted, Jade, Crimson Tide, A Walk in the Clouds, Babe.

Well, there’s a few there I can barely remember either. There’s a few I would like to forget but can’t.

As for Waterworld, well, we watched it Saturday night, and other than one or two scenes, such as the dive down to the submerged ruins (which I swore I recalled from stumbling onto a tv showing, to be honest) it absolutely failed to ring any bells memory-wise. It was like I was absolutely watching it for the first time. It was utterly bizarre. Unless Claire had gone to see it with some other fella I must have just wiped that film from my memory completely in some kind of post-traumatic shock. Well, yeah, it was a pretty forgettable film, so that would be part of it- that, and nearly 24 years.

The time to lock me away in a padded room is when I forget I ever saw Blade Runner, obviously.


4 thoughts on “1995 and a Waterworld mystery

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    What’s ‘Blade Runner’?

    What’s Waterworld like, then? I never watched it because it looked crap.
    I’m a bit weirded out by Arrow doing a big whistles and bells edition of it, but that’s Arrow I guess. Is it any good?

    1. Oh Waterworld is pretty awful. Its certainly of its time, big, brash and dumb, hopelessly derivative of Mad Max and other dystopian films with hammy acting and characters that don’t convince, and starring Kevin Costner as the Man From Atlantis via Robin Hood. Definitely one to avoid. Mind, it reminded me of what is good about CGI- how it stopped all those horrid matte lines, which this films process work seems full of. I forgot how bad process photography could be most of the time.

      And yes, the boutique labels like Arrow do release odd films. I suppose it depends on what they can license, but over here we’ve had no HD The Duellists or Days of Heaven or 1492, or any one of several Billy Wilder films, and yet they release turkeys like this. Sure its likely got a cult following, but really its hardly equal to some much better films aching for a release in HD.

  2. I’ve bought Arrow’s Waterworld but not got round to it yet. I know I’ve seen it, and I seem to remember thinking it was decent and not getting why everyone hated it, but I was young and I also liked things like CutThroat Island when I was young, so who knows?

    It’s funny what sticks and what doesn’t. I had a similar experience when I rewatched Twelve Monkeys last month: I’m certain I’ve seen it before, and it can’t’ve been until I was a teenager, so I should remember it, but barely any of it was familiar. And that’s a pretty good film, so it’s not just about quality (or it isn’t for me). Funny thing, the mind — all those memories lost like… things… in… whatsit…

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