On this day last year-

w3It was The Love Witch. Riding in hot not on a broomstick but rather a sexy 1970s convertible. While hardly the best film I saw last year, it was one of the most fun and memorable, a gaudy rich tongue-in-cheek… I hesitate to call it horror, maybe a comedy-thriller would be more apt. Some films are difficult to pigeon-hole and put in a box (albeit a coffin-shaped one maybe in this case) and those are sometimes the most fun. They need to bring back Kolchak: The Night Stalker like this, I mean, that would be fantastic geek nirvana (it’ll never happen, naturally, but still…). Anyway, I don’t usually dwell on movie anniversaries, but maybe I should, because a year ago today I was writing about this cheeky little ode to horror/thrillers of old, and it’s nice to remember.

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