Happy New Year 2019

Many moons ago, quite a few decades even, I was walking with a few freinds on our way to another freinds house where we were going to play AD&D that day. I remember with alarming clarity (writing as someone who cannot recall what I had for dinner last Wednesday), walking across a side-road chatting away about all sorts of stuff teenage lads are concerned with other than girls (we were geeks, that much is patently and horrifically clear, looking back), when our topic turned to 2001 and Blade Runner. This was 1983, and the year 2001 not exactly imminent but, you know, somewhere near enough ahead of us to seem an inevitable experience. Looking back on it, it might seem daft, but to a 17 year old back then, immersed in geek culture such as it was back in the dark ages of pre-internet existence, the year 2001 had a very intense and special meaning. It wasn’t just some random date. It was 2001. It was Kubrick’s epic odyssey.

So while we were enthusing about what actually living in the year 2001 might be like, my mate Andy raised the spectre of Blade Runner and its own date of 2019. Wow. That seemed such a long way off back then as we walked down Barnard Road that it might as well have been Forever away.  Our eyes glazed over at thoughts of The Future and unlikely as it may seem, flying cars (nevermind mobile phones, but we weren’t alone in missing that kind of tech). We did the math and calculated that it was 36 years to 2019. That we were 17 years old on that Saturday afternoon and that we would be, horrors, 53 years old when that hallowed year came around. A 17 year-old cannot truly fathom being 53 years old and all that entails and all those years in between – in RPG terms, it’d be like throwing a roll of the dice to spare you suffering san-loss.

So here we are, and it’s now 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, I suspect you may have started without me, but right now I need a very strong drink.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019

  1. I think the casting ahead is as problematic for any age, to be honest. I just turned 50 before Christmas and another 36 into the future would place me firmly in my mid-80s – I have difficulties fully fathoming that, even using my parents (now 77 and 81) as a kind of projection model.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours, here’s hoping 2019 brings only fine things!

    1. Cheers Colin. I was playing that Blade Runner game again earlier, figuring that 2049 is 30 years away now and I’ll be 83 if still around at that point, older than my parents are right now so yeah, like you say, it’s a rather bewildering trail of thought. Better to cosy up with a cup of tea this afternoon and just watch a movie, I think.

  2. Time, eh? I saw one of those “this week in history” packages on the BBC News channel last night, which included the millennium celebrations, and I was struck by how old and low-res the footage looked. I was wondering why they’d used such a low quality copy before I remembered that, of course, it was pre-HD. It’s not so recent anymore.

    And on that cheery note, happy new year!

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