2018: Bring on the Stats

Well, before we begin our 2019 journey, here’s my annual glimpse into the stats for this blog, and last year in particular. Perspective of course is everything, and I know my blog is lost somewhere between inconsequential and not really being a thing at all, compared to all the hits that Youtube videos of strange people reviewing lipsticks etc get (really, believe me, it’s a perspective vortex equal to anything in Hitchhikers’ Guide) but for whatever it’s worth, here we go:

So perspective. 2017 my blog amounted to 190 posts and 6,103 views, which I was really quite chuffed with (further perspective: 2016 my blog amounted to 159 posts and 5,506 views so hey, it was gradual progress).

2018 was something else. I wrote 244 posts and was rewarded with 14,665 views. Wow.  Clearly these figures are still somewhere south of inconsequential in the real scale of all things blogging but hey, somebody out there has been reading my musings and my thanks and appreciation go out to all. Nobody likes working in a vacuum and while views/comments etc don’t really mean a great deal in the real world, it still is some measure of validation for all the effort I put into this blog. So yes, thanks again and while it seems unlikely the stars will yet align again as they did in 2018, you never know, 2019 might be even bigger/not quite so inconsequential yet.

(and if somehow dear reader you are an archeologist from the year 3,402 or thereabouts reading this on some electronic archive trying to discern social historical significance, good luck with that but bloody well done on discovering this blog).

2 thoughts on “2018: Bring on the Stats

  1. I’d love it if, a thousand years hence, all that was left of our current civilisation was a ragtag selection of small blogs; no ‘major’ publications, or even the works themselves, but historians trying to piece together a picture of our times from the scattered musings of hobbyists. Unlikely, I know, but the notion amuses me.

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