2018 Review: October

Alas, October marked the passing of Judge Dredd artist Carlos Ezquerra, but also the anniversary (a year already!) of watching BR2049 at the cinema, and a busier month for new reviews-

Spectral – Unexpectedly sharing shooting locations with BR2049, I quite enjoyed this dumb slice of action sci-fi and its well worth anyone’s time, especially with a few beers when in the mood for a 1980s-feel film.

The Neon Demon – Well, this one has finally sworn me off any future Nicolas Winding Refn pictures.

R.I.P.D. – As loud and dumb as they come, complete with a horrifying waste of Jeff Bridges. Has film finally come to this, that they can waste an actor like him in trash such as this?

Solo – Mostly harmless, and not a complete disaster, but hardly worthy of the franchise. Likely hampered by terrible casting of the lead, who never really convinces as Han Solo.

Hold the Dark – Beautifully shot, well-acted horror-cum-thriller that frustratingly fails to maintain the grim fascination of its first half.

The Post – There’s not much worse than Oscar bait, unfortunately. Its like watching Hollywood talent devour itself.

Apostle – Timely Netflix horror, admittedly a poor-man’s Wicker Man, it was nonetheless quite enjoyable.

Tomb Raider – Latest reboot/videogame movie. Maybe they should give these things a rest?

Red Sparrow– Very silly spy caper, or something like that, without the espionage or anything resembling a convincing lead character (in this case a ballerina who turns into a cunning female Bond).

Mary Magdalene – Much better than I had expected. I was drawn to it by the Johannsson score (one of his last) and it really elevates the film, but it’s very notable regardless. Reminded me of another great historical drama, the sadly-overlooked Agora.

So ten new reviews, a better return than September, anyway. Hey, it’s getting closer to Christmas, and 2019…




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