Film of the Year

Well, okay, while this may yet seem a little early to post something like this, it’s surely a foregone conclusion- I’m only confirming, afterall, something I suggested back when  I saw the film at the cinema in August. I watched the 4K UHD of Mission Impossible: Fallout the other night and can only suggest the film gets even better and more impressive on second viewing. I’d actually add that the 4K UHD is actually a better experience/presentation than the cinema screening I attended (alas, I didn’t see the film in Imax, which must have been breathtaking).  At any rate, this film is surely the best film I have seen this year. Its astonishing/riveting/thrilling/funny/surprising… its possibly the Perfect Summer Blockbuster, and God knows, that title has plenty of competition.

Whatever Bond does next, it’s going to be a fascinating thing to see.

fallAs far as Mission Impossible goes, you know, I’d love to see them now go in some other direction, maybe go small and into a low-budget, character-focused, espionage drama. I think that’s highly unlikely, but trying to top this one is so beyond risky, I’d almost suggest its foolhardy. I’m almost tempted to say they should call it a day, wait ten years and do another reboot, start afresh. But part of me really wants another Cruise flick with Ethan Hunt saving the world again whilst blowing my socks off.

5 thoughts on “Film of the Year

    1. I have had a rough time, funnily enough, convincing some people to watch it. Cruise can turn as many people off films as he does turn them on. Thankfully this film is bigger than he is and performs on so many levels, particularly when seen after the previous one (they are really a Part One and Part Two). I’ll look forward to your eventual review!

  1. This has been such a hit, I’ll be flabbergasted if they don’t do another ASAP. And I think they’re very aware that part of the appeal is “Tom Cruise does crazy shit for real”, so they’re certainly dreaming up what that’s going to be. They’ve done versions of “Cruise gets very high up and falls off/tries not to fall off” for 3 films in a row now though, so maybe it’s time to think of something else!

    1. I honestly don’t know where they’ll go, I only hope it maintains this level of coolness, its a Mission Impossible all in itself. Maybe strip away the team and leave Hunt alone, but that rather undermines the appeal of the team ethic in the films so I doubt that’s an option. I’m at a loss, frankly. Please don’t mess it up Tom, I hate franchises that go awry. They all do eventually, don’t they- its only the MI films that buck that trend.

      1. Yeah, the Missions have only got more consistent/better as they’ve gone on, which is quite a feat really. I don’t envy whoever has to dream up what they do for the seventh.

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