Blade Runner Anniversary

Blade-Runner-2049-0302Here’s a curio- today is the one-year anniversary of me seeing BR2049 on its opening night at my local cinema. I booked the tickets when on holiday in Scotland the week before and it led to a pretty exciting/scary week running up to the Thursday evening of October 5th. While watching Blade Runner back in 1982 remains the most intense cinematic experience of my life, watching BR2049 will likely always be the most bizarre. It was almost an out-of-body experience, watching it in a sort of detached way, as if none of it was real. Looking back on it, its clear I was really nervous after so many years of Blade Runner being an important part of my life and watching an impossible sequel that turned out to be impossibly brilliant. The experience was doubly weird as I went with my mate Andy who had seen the original with me back in September 1982- it was a little like a Twilight Zone episode or something.

I watched it twice more at the cinema (three trips to see the same movie? Frankly unheard of in this day and age) and must have seen it a dozen times since on Blu-ray and now UHD. Its still a fantastic, powerful movie and yes, likely my second-favourite all-time movie now- what a strange world we are living in. I keep re-watching it every month or so expecting the shine to wear off but it actually just seems to get better, and more impossible, every time I see it. The more I watch it, the more remarkable it seems that someone actually made a film so intelligent, slow, beautiful, so worthy of the original. Its funny, while I buy and watch so many movies these days, I seldom actually re-watch films quite as much as I used to years ago, but something about BR2049 keeps on pulling me back. And this one-year anniversary is just another excuse to watch it again…

9 thoughts on “Blade Runner Anniversary

    1. Ian Smith

      Well, yeah, I watched it.

      Review coming (hopefully) tomorrow as I’m stuck on 12 hours today.

      I could reveal all now but that would ruin the suspense, surely.

  1. Did you see HMV are putting out a new edition of it? All the stuff from the 2-disc limited edition BD (including the art cards), plus the 4K disc, plus a couple of extra bonus features too. Glad I never got round to buying it on 4K now! I just need to flog that old limited edition so that I’ll only have… two copies of it still, cos I’m gonna hang on to the 3D (though, frankly, based on what I’ve seen, the 4K definitely trumps the 3D).

    1. Yeah, I saw it. On the one hand, its annoying, as those featurettes are brand new and not on the old bonus disc, so the collector in my gets frustrated, but on the one hand, its also exciting because there is clearly life in the property sales-wise to warrant another edition twelve months later. At least its not dead and buried, you know?

      1. Yeah. HMV seem to be doing several of these kind of reissues lately… though the only other I can think of is Logan, so maybe it’s just two (or I’ve forgotten some, one or the other). But someone must think there’s sales potential in it, or they wouldn’t bother.

        At least the BR2049 one is adding value… though, on the other hand, if it wasn’t adding anything there wouldn’t be a ‘need’ to buy it! At least for me, I was planning on getting it on 4K at some point anyway, so I’ve got lucky that I hadn’t already bought that.

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