Woody Allen and the Autumn List

Crimes and Misdemeanors is one of my all-time favourite films, and I have been intending to buy it on Blu-ray ever since Arrow’s edition came out individually as well as part of a box-set. Maybe this is one of those instances where it pays to wait things out. Recently Amazon had a discount on Arrow’s third  Allen box-set; at just over £20 with Crimes and Misdemeanors accompanied by another six Woody Allen films, it seemed a bargain, especially when the single edition of Crimes and Misdemeanors was priced at just six pounds less.The box has since sneaked up to about £30, which is still pretty good value. Includes a pretty substantial hardback book too (I just hope I can resist adding the first two boxes).

So now I have seven Woody Allen films placed on my list of films to watch this Autumn. Other than Crimes, the set contains just one other Allen film I have seen prior, the excellent Hannah and Her Sisters, which I now realise (to my horror) I last saw nearly thirty years ago. The other films are Radio Days, September, Another Woman, Alice and Shadows and Fog. Maybe there are some great films in there, maybe a few clunkers, but I won’t complain. Expect reviews to be posted over the coming weeks/months (before Christmas, at any rate).

Regards that Autumn list, its already piling up. Deadpool 2 and Solo arrived recently, and there’s also outstanding discs including Witness For the Prosecution (a Billy Wilder film I haven’t seen), Missing, The China Syndrome, one last film in that third Hammer box from Indicator, and a few 4K double-dips I still have to go through such as Sicario (before its sequel arrives the end of this month hopefully) and the mighty CE3K. 

If anyone has sufficient interest to nudge me in any particular films direction let me know and I’ll bump it up the list. At any rate, we’ll see how I get on this Autumn. Typically its just that time of year, with some 4K John Carpenter films, 2001 and the Matrix trilogy all coming up the end of the month, I’ll need to get busy sooner than later. I’m not complaining, mind, it should all be pretty great and I’m looking forward to it all.

Meanwhile I’ll be posting a backlog of reviews over the coming week for films I’ve seen over the past few weeks while I was up in the wilds of the wet and windy land of kilts and lochs. Likely a few more pics of a certain Westie, too, no doubt.

2 thoughts on “Woody Allen and the Autumn List

  1. EditMSM

    It’s disappointing C&M didn’t get an individual release. I really thought it would.

    I got the Twilight Time release a while back.
    I tend to wait until they’ve put out a few titles that I want, and then pick them up with whatever soundtrack CDs I want from the US in order to minimise shipping costs (and then cross my fingers and hope for the best with the customs charges).

    You have some mediocre viewing ahead of you. Radio Days is OK, but the rest are pretty poor films with nice cinematography. Even the nostalgic element of Alice being the first film I saw in a cinema when I moved to London to study doesn’t make me want to watch it again.

    If I were to nudge you, I’d say get Solo over with, as I’m keen to see what you think of it. It’s a bit of a test of character for SW fans.

    And I’m dying to know how CE3K looks on disc.

  2. Solo it is tomorrow night then.I’l get a review up for the weekend if i can maintain some sanity afterwards..

    I expected as much re: the Allen set, but at £21 it seemed worth a punt, and I really wanted Crimes and Misdemeanors in HD someday.

    I did try half-hour of CE3K a few weeks ago late at night – I know, I feel rather ashamed at admitting stopping it mid-film but it was too late to watch the whole thing, unfortunately. It does look very nice, albeit very grainy as many of these older films seem to do. I don’t mind that ‘look’ as its lovely and filmic for those of us who grew up in the good old pre-digital days, but I can imagine it being offensive to some younger eyes (the 4K Blade Runner gets lambasted occasionally on forums.and thats the best I’ve ever seen that film look- its weird what people expect these days, they should have lived in the era of 21″ b&w crt sets with mono sound).

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