This is not a dream…

prince1This is not a dream… not a dream. We are using your brain’s electrical system as a receiver. We are unable to transmit through conscious neural interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream. We are transmitting from the year one, nine, nine, nine. You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events you are seeing…

So you wait for what seems like years but might be even longer for a UK Blu-ray release of Prince of Darkness... and then out of the blue it transpires that such a release is indeed coming but also on 4K UHD, which is even better news for someone who’s stepped up to the format.

Suppose what your faith has said is essentially correct. Suppose there is a universal mind controlling everything, a god willing the behavior of every subatomic particle. Well, every particle has an anti-particle, its mirror image, its negative side. Maybe this universal mind resides in the mirror image instead of in our universe as we wanted to believe. Maybe he’s anti-god, bringing darkness instead of light.

But possibly because of interference from the Prince of Darkness Himself, while three Carpenter films are released as boxsets and widely available for preorder, this particular film, by virtue, it seems, of rights issues with the soundtrack album, is released seperate from the others as a steelbook, and it then transpires that said steelbook, by the intervention of the Prince of Darkness’ Arch-Demon, Zavvi, is quite likely not only a limited edition but also a retailer exclusive.

The outside world doesn’t want to hear this kind of bullshit. Just keep it locked away. You’ve already managed that for two thousand years.

Its really not fair.

Hello… Hello… I’ve got a message for you… and you’re not going to like it.

I mean really, its like some John Carpenter Meta-Reality is going on or something.

The hardest thing to hear… for any of us… is something we don’t agree with.

5 thoughts on “This is not a dream…

    1. Yes, loved this film from back when I saw it at the cinema, so full of clever ideas, The execution is hampered by its low budget but it rises above its limitations thanks to its high-concept horrors. And as usual for Carpenter the score is terrific.

  1. And that retailer exclusive has disappeared from Zavvi’s site, which usually means it’s sold out. Not that I was going to buy it, because it wouldn’t match the others!

    I hadn’t heard about the soundtrack being the reason for no collector’s set. Frankly, I’m not too impressed. How many buyers would be massively upset if there was a matching set but without a CD? Okay, the extra disc sweetens the deal, but if those collector’s sets were coming out at the same price, identical in every way but without the CDs, personally I’d still have preordered them. It’s a shame they’re with Studiocanal, who aren’t (as far as I’m aware) as communicative or open to fans’ feedback as, say, Arrow or Eureka.

    1. Typical that the release for a film like this is being screwed up by retail exclusives and packaging gimmicks. I’m hoping a standard 4K release will be announced soon, its like Studiocanal don’t want my money- I’m certainly not buying a blu-ray release when I should have been able to buy the 4K edition..

      Some funny things going on lately though with 4K stuff. Amazon haven’t put up the 4K Matrix trilogy yet -or even Reloaded or Revolutions as separates- even though its only weeks away and has been up on HMV for weeks now.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    It may well be that this doesn’t get a 4K release: it’s very much regarded as minor Carpenter.

    I do like this film, though the ideas and the setup are much stronger than the action that follows. A few homeless people and Alice Cooper are just not scary enough.

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