Superman: Der Film!

supsderForgive me one of my ‘moments’, but I thought this was really funny: ‘Superman: Der Film!‘ I hadn’t noticed the German version of the Superman: The Movie title before, but when I saw news had leaked of a UHD release this coming November via a German website, I thought it was funny when I saw the German artwork with its title.

Don’t know why I’m laughing, its another UHD catalogue title that I’m going to find awfully hard to resist. I don’t know how well the soft-focus ‘glow’ of the film will translate to UHD (it will hardly ‘pop’ like new titles do) but how can one resist a possibly definitive edition of this classic movie? answer: you can’t. Take my money.

Here’s a curious fact: the cinematographer for Superman: Der Film was Geoffrey Unsworth, who also shot 2001: A Space Odyssey for Stanley Kubrick which is itself getting a UHD release the month before. Imagine, both of these movies in UHD this Autumn. This may be my last new format but its going to be fun while it lasts, I think.

Second curious fact: I still haven’t watched my UHD of Blade Runner. Something is very wrong with the world, I think, and Trump isn’t the half of it.

5 thoughts on “Superman: Der Film!

  1. I’m inching ever closer to getting a UHD player. Sometimes I still think I can’t tell the difference, but I streamed Darkest Hour in UHD the other day and felt it right from the Universal logo. Sometimes I think maybe I should go digital, get an Apple TV instead, but then the Darkest Hour stream kept dropping in quality, as low as SD sometimes, so…

    Have you seen the 4K Collector’s Editions of John Carpenter films Studio Canal recently announced? Another thing tempting me to UHD!

    1. Yes, I was thinking about a post re: those John Carpenter discs coming. I think we are soon getting to the ‘critical mass’ point of 4K releases (for film fans anyway) that will get many jumping to UHD players. I still much prefer disc over digital, although digital renting or watching on Netflix or Prime has certainly saved me some money over discs I would have likely bought back in the day. I know the studios prefer digital (PPV etc, naturally, and I’m highly suspicious of where that will end up) but you can’t beat owning something on disc. When you watch a 4K disc -a good 4K disc, anyway- the difference is night and day. I watched Infinity War on 4K disc last week and it looked absolutely incredible, better than it did at the cinema. With titles like the Carpenter stuff, 2001, Superman etc if they are done well I am sure we are reaching a make-or-break period for physical and it can’t be long before Arrow or Criterion dip into 4K titles, which would be really exciting (or troubling, re; double-dipping). Hopefully this is my last format though and these copies of movies like Blade Runner will be my last

      I know multi-region blu-ray might lever your thinking, but I’d certainly recommend the Panasonic UB820 player. Its not the cheapest kid on the block but it is a quality player with high-end processing, lots of advanced settings you can tweak, it has Dolby Vision now too There are cheaper UHD players but as the 4K discs have to spin so much faster than blu-ray, those cheaper decks can be very noisy and I honestly can’t hear my UB820 (and thats just with my tv sound, haven’t sorted my speakers yet).

    1. Sorry, I could have sworn I’d replied to your comment awhile ago but it seems to have gotten lost in the matrix ‘cos it sure as hell aint here. Anyway, Here’s a second attempt-

      Yes, I noticed this release was coming but no, I have no interest in it- I had the original Superman II album on vinyl and that was enough to last me a lifetime. Had a hideous cover as I recall. What was most alarming about the score for Superman II was the fact that not only was the music that I adored in the first film so weakly performed here, but so little was done with it- no new ideas or interpretation. Nearest thing I can compare the listening experience to was the New American Orchestra album of the Blade Runner score that Vangelis in a hissy fit wouldn’t release.

      So anyway, I’m saving my pennies (God knows that Dracula album is expensive enough) but I know the real test will come when they unveil the inevitable release of the Superman: The Movie score in a 3-disc set or something. I’ve bought that album too many times already but its going to be a tough test if its everything its likely to be, recent releases like CE3K considered.

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