Another haircut for Eddie

P1080648 (3)Part of his preparations for his Scottish hols next month, Ed’s been to Posh Paws for another grooming session.  Typical for a Terrier, he doesn’t enjoy it at all, and once he realises where he’s going he’s adamant he’s not stepping a paw closer, so I have to pick him up and carry him across the threshold. He’s loud of bark and usually acts like he’s some kind of tough guy, but at times like that he cowers like one of those cuddly critters that Chewie cooks for dinner in TLJ. All smiles though once he gets back home and has had a walk as a reward.

P1080638 (2).JPG

One thought on “Another haircut for Eddie

  1. Beautiful Eddie. Syd gets all excited when he knows where he’s going, but then turns into a big wimp when I have to leave. I have to pleasure of grooming Elsie, as she won’t let anyone else near her.. She usually has enough of me when I’m half away though!! 8 days and counting till our move back to beautiful Berwick. We can’t wait!!!

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