Autumn just got more expensive

oatw1.jpgOh God, look at this. I have to stop browsing on Amazon. This looks brilliant- 366 pages, large-format, previously unseen photographs and documents, shot-by-shot guide to the making of this classic. I have Frayling’s Leone biography Something To Do With Death which I seem to pick up and browse through every month, so this new book by him concentrating on the incredible Once Upon a Time in the West should be indispensable. What is it with this time of year and big expensive book and disc releases? I know, I know, its that long shadow of Christmas looming over all. I only wish he could one day give the same attention to Once Upon a Time in America,  but hey, you never know, maybe one day.. .

Amazon just told me that I bought that Frayling book on Leone back in 2000. Ye Gods.

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