Malick’s Christmas Tree

treeblu1Just announced for a November UK release, Criterion’ s extended edition of Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life is on my Christmas list for sure. There’s a few new extras and the usual booklet with two essays on the film, as well as a 4K remaster of the existing theatrical cut, but its the extended edition with its additional fifty minutes that intrigues. Maybe some more Sean Penn, hmm?

Tree of Life is probably Malick’s last great movie, a mysterious and visually ravishing film (the fact we are not getting a ‘proper’ 4K UHD release is something of a missed opportunity) with a typically haunting performance from Jessica Chastain (if i remember rightly, this was the first film I’d seen her in). It sounds gorgeous too, with the usual Malick soundtrack of great classical works. I know its wrong, double-dipping again, but yeah, they got me again….

Now, if only I could convince my wife that this would make a great movie for Christmas evening…

3 thoughts on “Malick’s Christmas Tree

  1. I’d missed this news (part of being away until today), but it’s very welcome because it saves me having to import the US release someday, which is getting cost prohibitive now that Barnes & Noble have killed EU accounts and so shut us out of their Criterion sales.

    That said, even though I think I bought the original Blu-ray as soon as it came out, I’ve never actually got round to watching it, so that’ll get a spin first!

    1. Do watch that disc, its a particularly gorgeous-looking film on that Blu-ray which either makes a UHD edition redundant or imperative, I suppose it depends on how you look at it. The extra 50 minutes of footage is very intriguing, I suspect it will be used to dwell on other plotlines/characters given short-thrift in the theatrical cut, such as Sean Penn’s role which becomes something of a bookend as it is- I suspect he had a much larger role originally.

      Pity Malick can’t/won’t turn his attention to a longer cut of The Thin Red Line. That thing has entire characters/performances and arcs that were lost on the cutting room floor, like Mickey Rourke’s sniper.

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