In Search of Mrs Swan

IMG_20180718_105334722_HDR (3).jpgMaybe dog’s don’t have such a perfect sense of geography, and live in worlds even smaller than that of the average cat. Eddie read with considerable interest of Sydney & Elsie’s discovery of Mrs Swan and her five cygnets, and was convinced that when we took him for a walk to the pools today that this was the exact same place that Sydney & Elsie spotted Mrs Swan. Well he searched and searched but to no avail. I tried convincing him that Sydney & Elsie live on the other side of the country somewhere near some other big pool and canal but Eddie was not at all convinced. Its a big world out there, I told him. Eddie just barked at me for me being some sort of idiot, and carried on searching.


3 thoughts on “In Search of Mrs Swan

  1. Oh no!!! Were you at Seabrook? On the Royal Military Canal? That’s where we live, well, in a house, not on the canal!! 😁😁😁 Mrs Swan only has 3 cygnets now..

    1. Well, there’s lots of canals by Eddie in the West Midlands/Black Country where he lives, but its a long way from the canal where Mrs Swan lives.Not that Eddie is convinced there is any world beyond his current haunts, except for that strange Scottish place he’s spent a holiday.

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