The Wimbledon Syndrome

chinasyn.pngHere’s a bit of a mystery. Jack Lemmon is probably my very favourite actor. I think he was some kind of genius and by all accounts an unassuming one at that, unusual for a profession dominated by egos and extroverts. I rate some of his films as my very favourite films.

And yet here is a film featuring him, widely praised over the years for being a memorable thriller, that I have not seen. Its strange, really, some of the films that slip us by, which we figure we’ll get around to one day. And that ‘one day’ seems to slip by endlessly.

Anyway, the great Indicator label has just released The China Syndrome on Blu-ray and I’ve naturally bought it, taking the release to finally mean that that ‘one day’ has finally come around for this movie. Well, almost. Wimbledon has curtailed much of my viewing for the next two weeks, not helped by my wife finally ‘getting’ the pleasures of 4K (“what do you mean its sharper than blu-ray?”) thanks to the BBC’s pretty amazing UHD feed on iplayer. It looks astonishing and even she can see it. Unfortunately she’s a Wimbledon junkie and she’s now monopolizing the OLED panel.

There ain’t no justice. Even Blade Runner on 4K disc is having to wait.  And there’s no rain delays in sight according to the weather forecast…

2 thoughts on “The Wimbledon Syndrome

  1. I didn’t realise the Beeb were showing Wimbledon in UHD. I should’ve guessed, really — they like to use it for their experiments / new tech (I believe they shows a final or two in 3D back when it was the next big thing). I presume they can’t handle more than one UHD stream at a time though, because I went to look for it and there’s only the footie there right now. Not exactly great demo material in my opinion, but I did end up watching it for ages while I calibrated the HDR picture some!

  2. EditMSM

    I’m not majorly keen on Jack Lemmon, but I caught The China Syndrome on TV a few years back, somehow having written it off as a bit TV-movie-ish and never having seen it either. It’s really good. I’m toying with picking up that Blu myself. Be sure to review it.

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