BR2049 home video success?

Whilst on the subject of BR2049 (aren’t I always, here it seems- just wait until I get a new tv to watch my 4K disc on), here’s a link to an interesting article concerning the film getting a second wind on home video, with sales figures not to be sniffed at. Certainly not bad for a film commonly perceived as being a flop. Which it wasn’t of course- it will struggle for a few years to make much profit but it did much better than the original, with critical success and Oscars besides.

(I’d love to see an interview with the heads of Alcon Entertainment and see their take on how the film performed, what they have learned from it and whether they intend to return to the property in some way in future).

Anyway, here’s the link-

3 thoughts on “BR2049 home video success?

  1. When you put together the global box office (just shy of $260 million) with a strong home video performance and the critical acclaim (both of which should keep awareness for the film going for some time), it does make you wonder if they’ll attempt a third movie with a modified direction — definitely a lower budget, definitely a shorter running time, and maybe an insistence on it being more action-orientated. Or maybe they just won’t bother, of course.

    1. In some respects it seems inevitable- established IP, critical acclaim, and other than America, hardly a box-office disaster (there have been much worse, genuine bombs). The only thing that troubles me is that BR2049 is such a gigantic magnificent thing that I almost hate to think of another Blade Runner movie on a smaller, tighter and more action-packed scale- it almost feels like it wouldn’t be a Blade Runner movie. But what the hell, they proved me wrong with BR2049 so I’ll cut them some slack if it ever happens.

      Perhaps a Netflix/HBO mini-series would be better, but I guess Westworld has all the ‘AI/what is human/what is reality angst’ sewn up for years to come.

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