The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

hit1I really enjoyed this, much to my surprise. I knew nothing about it, other than some of the cast. I guess it could be criticized for being little more than its parts and not really stretching itself but as an action comedy it’s great- Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool in all but costume, and Samuel Jackson is as foul-mouthed and wise-cracking as you’d expect. Neither actor is really being pushed or expected to do anything unusual or out of the box, as it were. But the film is competently handled, with a great plot, decent thrills and action, some great laughs and some interesting turns. It has a pretty great soundtrack, too. Yeah, maybe I should bitch more about how by-the-numbers this really is, but hell, it was fun.

I particularly enjoyed Salma Hayek as a Latino Hellcat muse for Jackson’s hitman. They really fizzled together onscreen  and I’d love to see a sequel that takes them together somewhere. Will we get a sequel? I have no idea how popular this film was or what the box-office was. But I think I’d like to see a sequel, there’s all sorts of possibilities in this cast and characters.

Essentially this is one of those buddy road movies, owing a lot to earlier films like Midnight Run, and I’d expect anyone who enjoyed that film to find something worthwhile in this. Any film that can leap from Coventry (!) to the Hague has to be doing something right. Indeed there is something really perversely weird about this rather European-flavored film, despite its American cast and deliberately Western-genre sensibilities. There is certainly something going on, but at any rate, taken as a simple action comedy (albeit the bodycount would like make Stallone blush, to be honest) its perfectly fine, leave your brain at the door material.

Besides, Samuel Jackson in this kind of stuff (he can do this in his sleep, surely, by now) is just a real joy to watch. Pity Marvel can’t put him in an R-rated Nick Fury movie. Now that would be something worth watching.

2 thoughts on “The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

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