BR: What Were They Thinking?

brspin.jpgClearly, the marketing/merchandising boys had no idea what kind of film Blade Runner was, and had no idea of the target audience. Spinner Car toys? What were they thinking? That said, original (boxed) examples are probably worth some money now, you’d think they would be pretty rare, after all. But honestly, even back in 1982, I saw the ad above in the official magazine and could not believe my eyes. Didn’t buy one either.

That being said-

deckfigThe more things change, the more they stay the same. And it doesn’t seem to matter how adult your film is, the merchandising boys will always try to flog some toys. And boys do love their toys, whatever their age.





Yeah, I admit it. I own this guy.

2 thoughts on “BR: What Were They Thinking?

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    I had those. I bought at leat two of them in March 1983 – my birthday, when I took a trip to Odyssey 7 in Manchester and bought a ton of Blade Runner stuff along with back issues of Warrior magazine, which I’d just got into.
    I wish I still had them so I could sell them.

  2. I wonder how much they actually market these ‘toys’ to kids anymore. Obviously there’s stuff for Avengers and whatnot that’s aimed at them, but most of these things are shooting at “collectors”.

    And the amount of stuff they produce…! I remember seeing a documentary about Star Wars fans following some people who collected all the toys that were produced, racing around trying to get everything around the release of Phantom Menace. I’d love to see a follow-up on them today — how many gave up? How many are bankrupt?

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