2049 is beautiful, isn’t it?

Hey, it’ll be here soon. To tide you over (its a bit like Christmas for us dystopia fans, isn’t it?) here’s a link to a lovely piece by screenwriter Michael Green about writing the screenplay and visiting the BR2049 set. Personally, I wish he’d write a book on the subject of his BR2049 adventure, as this tantalizing glimpse just isn’t enough.




4 thoughts on “2049 is beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. Anybody remember the tv series Max Headroom (the American version)? Dates back from 1987 and it was so Blade Runner it felt like a tv sequel. Probably hasn’t aged at all well, at the time I really enjoyed it and recorded them on VHS- still have the tapes I think but no machine to play them on (how dryly cyberpunk is that?). Back then anything Blade Runner-ish felt new and exciting but its hard to fathom how shows are still being made now purposely with that Blade Runner-vibe. At least BR2049 tried to do something a little different- it isn’t all neon and rain and steam and trenchcoats/retro clothing.

    There was also another show, Total Recall 2070 that not only acted like more a sequel to Blade Runner than the Arnie movie, but also with its title rather predicted the BR2049 title.

    Netflix also have another show, Altered Carbon, that looks very Blade Runner, like Mute does.The more times change, the more they stay the same, eh?

    1. I never saw the Total Recall show, but I had a vague memory of once reading they wanted to do a Blade Runner show but couldn’t get the rights. Wikipedia says slightly different (the creator thought a Blade Runner-style show would be better on their limited budget), but, still, now I’m wondering if it’s worth tracking down.

      The reviews seem pretty mixed for Altered Carbon. Haven’t yet decided if it’s worth 10 hours of my time.

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