Forum Horrors

brbhsThis weekend I’ve been reading American forums regarding BR2049, as the disc came out over there last week and I was curious about what people were saying about it, particularly as so many of them failed to see the film at the cinema. Some people loved it, some people didn’t, some people actually preferred it over the original, some didn’t- so the usual stuff you’d expect to see. Overall I was pleased to see many more positive comments than negative, and quite a few regretting not seeing the film theatrically.

BUT… then I read this one.: My God… I’ve watched the first hour of BR2049 and it’s a mind-f–er!! I think it’s wonderful!! I don’t want it to be any shorter!

He then adds: I felt lots of tension all the way through the first hour. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow night…

Whoa. I nearly choked with laugher (somehow it struck me as being deliberately funny). THIS is the kind of stuff that really winds me up, and makes me question people’s modern viewing habits, their attention spans, how they watch films, and maybe explains all those assertions that the film failed in America partly because of the running time. This guy buys the film, puts it on, watches just an hour, then switches it off to resume a day later. What crazy shit is that? How do you watch a film in pieces like that? Can’t people schedule their lives, leave sufficient time to watch a film throughout, or refrain from watching it until they do have enough time?

But anyway, it just struck me as rather funny, praising a film that he clearly enjoyed and then almost offhandedly adding that he’ll watch the rest tomorrow.  Imagine watching Psycho for the first time, getting up to the shower scene and then deciding to stop it and resume it a day or so later. I can imagine Hitch being well impressed by that.

Is this how the new generation digest films now? No wonder studios think they have to chuck explosions and shit it every twenty minutes to maintain people’s attention. Bit like my recent review of Cinderella, and how I was a bit annoyed by the frequent cuts to big flashy (and rather fake-looking) cgi shots to establish locations. Its a crazy world out there.

I should avoid forums. They can be a bit scary.

5 thoughts on “Forum Horrors

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Well, yeah, but…

    A lot of people (not me, and IIRC, not you) have kids, and that just messes everything up. Imagine you have work, and then you get home and you have a toddler to entertain or a baby that’s been up all night the night before and still won’t settle, and you need to do everything else in life as well. I know a few people with kids whose viewing habits are just as piecemeal.

    Then again, it could just be some kid who can’t sit still for a couple of hours. In that case he can get stuffed.

    1. Ha Ha, well, I opt for the latter. Afterall, in this house, there’s Blade Runner, and then there’s God, you understand?

      Actually, in all seriousness, I do wonder about attention-spans and how people watch movies. It’s so odd that so many are invested in the biggest screens imaginable and home cinema/Atmos sound systems (while I recall the comparative ‘horrors’ of b&w mono television and pan-and-scan movies with some affection), and so many others are happy to watch stuff on little smartphone and tablet/laptop screens. It’s all relative, I know, and while I do appreciate the doubtless pleasures of watching BR2049 in 4K HDR etc, I am sure it will look just fine on my 50″ Bravia.

      Is the episodic binge-watching of tv affecting how people watch (I hesitate to add the word ‘long’) movies? Is it indeed too many distractions, how we live today in a media-saturated,
      constantly switched-on world? I love to just sit down and watch a good movie in one sitting, I couldn’t imagine having to watch it in bits. A colleague at work was going on about a new Sky gadget/gimmick that allows her to watch a film downstairs then if she has to go upstairs she can continue it on the various screens around the house- so she could hoover all the rooms whilst watching a film at the same time, I wonder? Is the world going mad?

      No wonder Alcon got burned making a slow arthouse movie with hig concepts and a near-three hour running-time. In hindsight, it was gross stupidity expecting the public to accept it; maybe in the 1960s, they would have gotten away with it (then again, 2001 took some time to win through).

  2. It’s funny how nowadays you get some people who’ll only watch a TV show if they can binge a whole season in one 13-hour sitting, and others who can’t even manage a two-hour movie without breaking it up. I sometimes wonder if they’re one and the same? Like, if you inserted credits into BR2049 at 50 and 100 minutes, would he keep watching because it’s bingeing a miniseries not watching a movie?

  3. I know a few people that actually watch some movies at 1.5x or even 2x playback speed.

    I guess YT didn’t implement this feature because they were being funny…

    1. Well I guess if it’s a (recent) Terence Malick movie there might be some excuse for having the fast-forward button pressed but that’s crazy really for most films. Disrespectful, totally, I mean, what’s the point?

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