4K Premium?

I’m not on the 4K bandwagon yet, but I’ve been noticing some really eye-watering prices for some 4K discs that would make OOP steel books blush. £25 for the recent Dunkirk is bad enough but some other Nolan films are near double that (£45 for Inception).  Are they limited editions or is pressing restricted in the short term? Just wondering. I doubt 4K will ever take off with pricing like that- even £25 seems a bad reminder of the old video disc days when us plebs were stuck with VHS. Is there a conspiracy afoot to push people to streaming and do away with physical discs?  Hardly seems as if the studios are pushing 4K with any energy at all with pricing woes like that.

4 thoughts on “4K Premium?

  1. The regular price for 4K kind of makes sense when you put it in context of every other format: £5(ish) for a streaming rental, £10 for DVD, £15 for Blu-ray, £20 for 3D, £25 for 4K… But £45 for one film, and a catalogue one at that? That’s silly.

    It can’t be sustainable even at the £25 price point. Physical media is increasingly a niche (though a bigger one than some reports would have us believe), and Blu-ray is a niche of that niche, and 4K BD is a niche of that niche of a niche. Still, I imagine it’ll come down in time — weren’t new-release DVDs £15 before Blu-ray became established?

    1. Matthew McKinnon

      It’s a UK thing, these crazy prices – based on spotty availability. In the US, the prices are much lower and more stable (and also drop to ‘really affordable’ in the sales).

      I bought the Nolan 4K set from Amazon US, and even at brand-new price, with shipping and everything, it came in at about £125. That’s £17 per 4K disc – and you get all the Blu-rays and extras disc as well. A 20-odd disc set.

      4K discs are not region coded.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    And you have to remember – it’s a brand new format: I remember some DVDs costing £15-20 back in 1997-1998.
    And Blu-rays the same a decade later.

    1. Oh yeah, I think £20 for a bluray & 4K disc is a pretty good deal and would get me future-proofing purchases (and tempting me to get a 4K TV no doubt) but pricing too high is just annoying. And oddly enough putting me off bluray discs of the ‘big’ films too as I feel like I’m missing out/wasting money not getting one with 4K option. First World problems eh.

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