Happy New Year & some 2017 Stats

Well, a very happy 2018 to everyone. Before we start 2018’s blogging duties proper, a momentary time-out to review some stats from 2017 now that it has shuffled off into the past, if only to chart some intentions for this coming year.

2017 was my most prolific year yet. Quantity is no indicator of quality, to be sure, though I’ve always done my best to make my posts entertaining and possibly informative. In 2017 I managed to write and publish 190 posts. This compares with 159 posts in 2016 and 68 posts in 2015, so you can see its going in the right direction at least. The hardest part isn’t so much finding something to write, but rather finding the time to write it. I expect this will continue (married life and a job and all that, and oh, finding time to even watch anything, let alone write about it).

In any case, I’m pleased to have managed that many posts. It took some time and effort but clearly it’s my best output yet. I was rewarded with the most views yet, too (and it doesn’t necessarily follow that the more you post, the more views you get). My blog managed 6,103 views in 2017.  In the grand schemes of the internet, such a number is so low it’s pretty much a big fat zero, but its my highest annual figure ever so thanks to all of you who have visited this blog- particularly those of you who took the time to comment, which is where the real reward from blogging comes into it- the social aspect. We may never meet but I consider you all freinds and feel lucky to have met, online, people from all over the world. It’s a crazy and sobering thing to someone like me who remembers the pre-internet world.

So anyway, that was 2017. As far as 2018 goes, I am obviously intending to try pass that 190 posts figure, and to that end, I thought I’d try make this blog more of a journal this year. Whilst I’ll still be writing ‘proper’ reviews etc as usual, I thought I’d also try posting more commentary and reflections/notes about what I’ve been watching/reading. So there will hopefully be more entries, even if they are shorter, but hopefully they may well chart the year as it passes and its twists and turns, and be a fun read for me someday. Well, we’ll see how that goes (you may recall 2017 started with the intent of daily posts and that got beaten out of me by February). But New Year, New Intentions and all that.

In any case, I wonder what lies ahead for 2018? Thinking back to this time last year, I could not have ever imagined BR2049 turning out as well as it did, or me not rushing to the cinema to see the latest Star Wars movie (maybe next week). If nothing else, 2018 has one particular credential- it is going to slowly and inexorably take us to the year 2019, a very special year for a very particular geek such as I. For obvious reasons, I’m sure- and it’s not the final season of GOT either.

What? You’re more excited that 2018 is going to bring us a Han Solo movie?


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year & some 2017 Stats

  1. Happy New Year to you too! And it’s good to hear your site is on he up and up; even if we’re not chasing hits it’s always nice to see people stopping by.

    1. Cheers Colin. Sometimes I find myself thinking of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and his chapter ‘One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue’. I write for pleasure mostly, as a creative exercise, and not really for hits, but it’s nice to…have company, I guess. Anyway, here’s to 2018. Hope you have a good ‘un.

  2. Happy New Year! (Wait, it’s the 2nd? The year is already flying by…)

    I have to echo what you and Colin said about hits — if that was all it was about then blogs would just be articles like “top 11 sexiest Marvel movie costumes — number 4 will amaze you!”, but it’s nice to not exist in a vacuum.

    I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to the Han Solo movie, but I’m kind of fascinated. They’re still aiming for May and we’ve not even had a trailer? Reportedly Ron Howard reshot almost the whole thing? I don’t even necessarily think it will be bad (though it could be Lucasfilm’s Suicide Squad, or even Justice League), it’s just… odd.

    1. After The Last Jedi, your news re: the Han Solo movie has me very worried indeed. I’m no fan of Ron Howard anyway, so don’t expect very much, but Rogue One already seems a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far… Ahem.

      1. It’d be troubling anyway, but it feels like they must be rushing it for the sake of hitting the May date. I’m amazed they haven’t just bitten the bullet and pushed it back to December, like they have with every other Disney Star Wars film. Someone at Lucasfilm must still think May is the traditional Star Wars month, but for normal folk it’s become December now. (Certainly, for us, it’s already almost a family tradition that we see the new Star Wars film on the weekend of our Christmas family get-together. People were shocked when I told them we wouldn’t be doing it in 2018!)

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