Sunset, walking the dog

IMG_20171227_155104168_HDR (3)Sometimes the sky suddenly lights up just for a few minutes, and things go a little Bespin all of a sudden, and you don’t mind shivering in the cold while the dog decides to take his time sniffing the nearest lamp-post. Then as soon as it appeared the sun is gone, the clouds grow dull, dusk falls and you’re still standing there, cold. And the dog stares up at you as if you’ve just done something odd.

3 thoughts on “Sunset, walking the dog

  1. gregory moss

    My cat always stares at me accusingly whenever it’s raining outside and he can’t go out. Like, yeah dude – I’m controlling the weather. I am your god. 🙂

    1. Ha ha, yes, Eddie has a way of looking at me as if everything wrong is all my fault. I often wonder just what is he thinking behind those eyes, especially when I’m aiming a camera at him. What on earth does he think that is all about? Probably just as well that I’ll never know!.

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